Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Not-So-Important Law School Review Session

In most of my classes we’re having some sort of “review session”, whether it is taught by the professor or by the teaching assistant. Now, how they fit a semester’s worth of material into 2 hours is beyond me, and I’m of the firm belief that if a person really NEEDS to attend the review session, they probably aren’t going to do very well in the course. But, alas, I will probably attend my review sessions, even though whatever grade I get in each course will likely have nothing to do with whether I attend one of them.

Now, scheduling a review session is very difficult. While we’re divided up into sections, there are a good number of people, including myself, that are in different sections for different courses. So, whatever time is made for the review is likely to be changed three times due to another review session at the same time, or something of the likes. So, to alleviate this problem, my contracts teaching assistant scheduled the review session for that course for next Saturday.

“OH MY GOSH HOW AM I GOING TO MISS THE REVIEW SESSION,” I heard another Shomer Shabbos person say. Well, first of all, I really hope that person wasn’t depending on a review session that attempts the impossible task of going through hundreds of hours of materials in 2. That said, ideally, it would be nice to go to such a review session, just to firm things up. So, why don’t I e-mail him and make him switch it, after all, Saturday is the Sabbath and I can’t drive on the Sabbath?!

Why? I’m a firm believer that we, as Jews, should try to call as little attention to ourselves as possible. Would I likely be able to get him to switch the review session? Sure. Am I likely to piss him, the professor, and the rest of the students in my section off that would need to change their plans for me, all because of a largely inconsequential review section? Guaranteed.

Obviously, if you need to miss class for holidays - and for certain grave injustices, there’s nothing you can do – you gotta speak up. But, I also believe that sometimes you gotta “take one for the team.” Listen, not to sound like the little oppressed Jew that’s looking to everyone for sympathy, but historically, things haven’t been so great for the Jews. We are arguably living at one of the most auspicious times for Jewry in history. We are thriving in America with little-to-no outward persecution, and we have the State of Israel. If I were the one making decisions for the Jewish people, I’d want this “State of the Union” to last as long as possible. Calling attention to ourselves for a largely inconsequential review session would piss many people off, and we don’t want to be known as the type of people that piss people off.