Thursday, October 18, 2007

Bathroom Exit Doors

I fail to understand why there are any exit doors to bathrooms that are "pull-doors". You would think that in a school of higher education, where people have been through 16+ years of school, they would understand the health consequences of a failure to wash hands. But, even in law school, I'd say that 20% of the people (well, men) that use the bathroom don't wash their hands. Thus, when they leave the bathroom, their urine and bacteria get all over the handle to the exit door. And I, who just finished washing my hands, must subject myself to this. All exit doors should be "push-doors", that way I can use my elbow or of the body that are less likely to transmit the bacteria to myself or others.

Usually, I wash my hands, dry them, and use another paper-towel to open the door. But, where this isn't possible, I usually either go for the top or the bottom of the handle...places less likely to have been touched as frequently by those nasty people. Can anyone tell me the logic behind having pull-doors for bathroom exits?