Thursday, July 19, 2007

Israel Day 3

Nothing too wild to report today. Finally woke up at a normal hour today, so at least that was good. PegLaz wanted to get the true Erev Shabbos shopping experience, so she went out with her sister, while I headed to the Kotel to learn a little and write a D'var Torah. Of course, just as I get to the Kotel they wouldn't let anyone in because of a Chafetz Chashud/suspicious object. Couldn't have been too suspicious, considering they let the hundreds of people by the Kotel continue on with their business...whatever...

After relaxing a bit in the apartment we went out to properly scan all of the fun stores in Emek Refaim, of which there are many. Of course, as pictured, my favorite store was the wine and liquor store. I hocked scotch and wine with the nice gentleman there...liquor is at least 4x more expensive in Israel than it is in entrepreneurial gears are winding in my head...Anyway, there are so many fun little shops here with cool and not-so-expensive stuff; we didn't get to see all of it last year as we were staying on the other side of the city.

Dinner tonight was at the apartment with the sister- and brother-in-law and it was good to sit around and shmooze with them. Afterwards, we took a nice, long, stroll around the neighborhood and as much as we tried to get lost, we always seemed to end up in the same place. That's all for today. Shabbos in Karnei Shomron (Nivei Aliza) with the Feiglin's....more on Motzei Shabbos.

Can someone please explain the humor in this please? Something got lost in translation....


Anonymous Jonny Minkove said...

Are they saying that being in the army is not cookies, which would be synonomous with a piece of cake (i.e. easy)?

That would make sense.

12:19 PM, July 20, 2007


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