Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Israel Day 15

With Chevron tomorrow, we needed to wrap up a few things here in town, getting last minute gifts for people and getting a few more odds and ends. After a late start we hit Meah Shearim hard for some last minute seforim and other goodies. The urge to load up on random Seforim was great, but I was able to resist knowing that we may already be overweight on the way back. Of note were the particularly funny hats we saw in one store there...

After quite a few hours of bumping around here and there we made our way back for a few hours of relaxing around the apartment. We were invited for dinner to a friend from back home (and wife) who grew up with me in Frederick and is now learning in the Mir. I particularly appreciate the fact that, regardless of how frum he is or how much he learns, he will not turn his back on where he came from or the people that helped him get to where he is today. He always wants to know what is going on in Frederick and always inquires about the Rabbi. He's a good man. There was an amazing amount of food at dinner and some great company; this dinner was sort of last minute and was definitely one of the pleasant surprises on the trip. Afterwards we met up a couple and their children from Baltimore who we are friendly with and shmoozed with them before heading home. Flying solo to Chevron tomorrow as the wife has already been and wants to spend some time around here tomorrow, and then we're heading out early Thursday morning. Time flies... :(


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