Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Israel Day 14

We wanted to get an early start to maximize the pool/beach time, so we arose pretty early and did what we needed to do to get to the pool at an early hour. Thankfully, the water was a bit cooler than the day before and offered relief from the 100-degree heat. We were able to get a good 4 hours in the office (I mean pool/beach) before needed to get ready to check out of our room.

PegLaz had smooth-talked the people at reception to push back our check-out time from 11am to 2pm, so we were able to maximize our UV intake. But, the bus wasn't coming until 3pm so we watched an amateurish fashion show taking place in the lobby. We finally got on the bus at 3 with perhaps the craziest bus driver in the world. I wouldn't drive a car like this man drove a bus...I swear he was SPEEDING UP around curves which were marked with signs saying "Dangerous Curve Ahead." But, he did save us 25 minutes, so who cares if he almost killed us all, right?

We caught a cab home with some filthy Arab cab driver who was listening to some Persian radio station. The song playing was perhaps the worst song I've ever heard; he told me she was wailing about the loss of her beloved. Oh yeah, and when I asked how long the song lasted, as it seemed to never end, he told me it was 1-our. If I didn't want to throw up after the bus ride, I surely did at this point.

After laying low for a few hours, PegLaz went out shopping with her sister, while I got together with a friend (yes, same friend) for a few beers at an Irish Pub in town. This bar was definitely the nicest I've seen in Israel and offered quite a nice selection of beers and the best selection of scotch I've seen in the Holy Land. I opted for 1/2 liters of Leffe Blonde and Guiness. We met up with PegLaz and sister for some Moshiko falael afterwards and caught a ride home. More Yerushalayim stuff tomorrow, then Chevron on Wednesday!


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