Saturday, July 28, 2007

Israel Day 10

Day 10 wasn't too terribly exciting as we were pretty beat from the previous day in Tel Aviv. We got a late start to the day and decided to do some shopping in town for some gifts. Of note, we're super excited to give our nephew his Elmo kippa. Supposedly he's been wearing his father's kippa...if you know his father, you'd know that it's too big for the little guy. Anyway, aside from that, we were fairly unsuccessful in the gift-buying department.

From there, dinner was at Burgers Bar, something we had been craving since our arrival, but had to be delayed due to the 9 days. Anyway, Burgers Bar came through in the clutch for us once again, although the amount of oil on the "chips" was a bit nauseating. Ahh, it's vacation, who cares...

In the evening we went out with a good friend to shoot some pool. The mall in Talpiyot that we went to was pretty nasty, but surprisingly the pool was quite nice. After playing for about an hour or so, we went back to his placeand hung around with him and their adorable little daughter. Things were pretty calm until we busted out the bottle of scotch that I brought along with me. I managed to hold my own pretty well, but my buddy hadn't eaten anything since lunch, so he was our comedy for the evening. I have an incriminating video of him that I will keep as blackmail, being that I'm not quite mean enough to post it here on the blog...

All in all, we are having a fabulous time. The weather is a bit hot during the day, but the evenings make for absolutely gorgeous strolls. I'll report about Shabbos tomorrow...thanks for reading.


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