Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Israel Day 1

Let me start out by saying that the whole "let's not get a good night sleep the night before the flight so that we're able to sleep during the flight" idea isn't as smart as it sounds. Inevitably, like us, you won't sleep on the flight and you'll find yourself out two nights of sleep. To make things worse our names were left off of the Glatt Kosher list, so we were worried we wouldn't get food. However, I was surprised when the gentleman sitting in front and in back of us offered up their dinners. I figured they would offer up their breakfasts as well and my curisoity peaked when they didn't. And then, it hit me....they gave up their dinners because it was the 1st of Av and obviously, we shouldn't have been eating meat. They probably thought I was such a Kofer....great start to the 9 days.

Anyway, we were disastrously tired when we arrived, and we immediately went to sleep for a while when we arrive to my sister-in-law's place in Katemone. After ripping ourselves out of bed we did the mandatory Ben Yehuda/Old City/Kotel stops with (obviously) an ice coffee at each. We ran into some people along the way that we knew so that was nice; this aspect of the trips to Israel never ceases to amaze me. Ate bagels back at the pad in Katemone for dinner, and just bummed around after that, waiting for the time that it would be "acceptable" to go to sleep. We don't have a set itinerary for our time here, which is how we like it, but we'd like to check out my friend play in an IBL game and perhaps the Dead Sea for a couple of days. Who knows....

As a last little tidbit, we started seeing stickers for Moshe Feiglin around town, who's running against Netanyahu in the upcoming elections for head of the Likud. I've been a fan of his for sometime, and spent many Shabbosim with his family when I was in yeshiva. We will be spending Shabbos by him this week and I figure there will be plenty to talk about...

And lastly...how did "Stop Snitching" make its way to Israel?


Blogger Lady-Light said...

I just returned from Israel; for the trip back, you'll know--get your regular sleep, and if you can sleep on the plane, great-if not, at least you will have had a night's sleep before the flight.
I don't think you are too young to be married; my younger son who turned 23 in March, was just married at Chavat Aviv right outside of Jerusalem. He lives in Jerusalem with his lovely wife.
When were you married?

6:30 PM, July 17, 2007

Blogger SaraK said...

We ran into some people along the way that we knew so that was nice; this aspect of the trips to Israel never ceases to amaze me.

When I was there in December I bumped into someone I knew every single day. It's the best part of the trip!

Have you guys tried Simply Sleep? I highly recommend it.

10:25 AM, July 18, 2007

Anonymous Simon said...

I was with Amir last spring wandering around the old city and we also found some random stop snitching graffiti.


My guess is Baltimore shana alef idiots.

6:10 PM, July 19, 2007

Anonymous simon said...

oops, here's a working link

6:16 PM, July 19, 2007


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