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Parshas Mishpatim 5767

For last year's Dvar, see here: Parshas Mishpatim, 5766.

לא תִהְיֶה מְשַׁכֵּלָה וַעֲקָרָה, בְּאַרְצֶךָ; אֶת-מִסְפַּר יָמֶיךָ, אֲמַלֵּא.

“No woman will suffer miscarriage or remain childless in your land. I will cause the number of your days to be full.” (Sefer Shemos, 23:26)

The simple understanding of the last part of this Pasuk is that G-d will lengthen our lives. However, the Yismach Moshe has a beautiful insight into this Pasuk as well, by way of understanding the last Mishna in all of Shas. This Mishna in Uktzin says: “Says Rebbe Yehoshua ben Levi: in the future, G-d will give every single Tzadik 310 olamos/worlds, as the verse (Mishlei, 8) says: I will give to those that I love [yeish], and I will fill up their storehouses.” The Rabbis learn out that the Tzaddikim will receive 310 specifically, as this is the numerical value of the Hebrew word “Yeish.”

The Yismach Moshe asks a seemingly obvious question on this Mishna. Certainly, some Tzadikim are better than others. Moshe Rabbeinu is worthy of a greater reward than are the Tzadikim of our time. Why is it then that all of the Tzaddikim receive the same reward of the 310 olamos? Answers the Yismach Moshe: while a simple understanding of the verse is that the reward is the 310 olamos, really, that isn’t the reward. Rather, all of the Tzaddikim receive the 310 olamos, which serves only as receptacle for their individual zechuyos/merits (Torah, Maisim Tovim, Chesed, etc.), which will all differ in quality and quality of these/merits. Therefore, the greater Tzadik will, in fact, get a greater reward, as their receptacle (the 310 olamos) will contain a greater amount of reward, which is the quantity and quality of their individual merits. He concludes by saying the receptacle of one who uses every day to its fullest will be filled.

With this, he says we can understand the p’shat in our verse, that Hashem “will cause the number of your days to be full.” While we all wish to live to 120, that isn’t the reward. Rather, each day is only a receptacle for us to use as we see fit. The reward given is the s’char/merit we receive for fully maximizing each individual day. With this framework of maximizing each day to its fullest we can understand many other concepts in Chazal.

The Talmud Yerushalmi that says literally, “Anyone that doesn’t see the rebuilding of the Beis haMikdash in his days, it is like he, himself destroyed it.” Pashut p’shat is that one who dies having not seen the rebuilding of the BM is like he/she destroyed it. But, also, explains the Yismach Moshe, the Beis haMikdash should be built “B’Yamav”; not IN our days, but WITH our days. When we as individuals do everything that we can do to maximize each day, we are effectively building the BM. But, if we fail to do this, it is like we destroyed it ourselves.

Finally, we can understand the simple problem many people see in life – the fact that many wicked people outlive their righteous counterparts – Tzadik v’Ra Lo; Rasha v’Tov Lo”. How could it be that an evil person can live to be 100, yet we see so tragically young, righteous people die well before that? Simply put: while the wicked person may be breathing for 100 years, he doesn’t really LIVE for that long. Living is we maximize each day to the fullest – something the wicked doesn’t do. So, while at first glance it may seem as though certain wicked people outlive the righteous, really this isn’t true. Again, the Rasha, while breathing for 100 years, may only truly live for 5 years. When one is capable each receptacle of a day to the brim, that’s truly living.


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Shkoyach..that was really nice.
I keep trying to get my hands on an Imrei Baruch, but my freinds in YU keep forgetting to pick one up for me.

1:55 AM, February 14, 2007

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Email me if you really want one - there's a store that will deliver to you.

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Thanx, lucky for me, I'll b"EH get ahold of one this weekend, but thanx anyway.

12:58 PM, February 14, 2007

Anonymous Kogz Dawg said...

Hey man I hope all is well. Just wanted to give you a shoutout and thank you again for your words of inspiration and chizuk - Kogz

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