Monday, January 15, 2007

The Jews and the Ravens

I really wanted to get this post up before the disastrous Colts/Ravens game, but I just didn't have time. Anyway, outsiders often view the Jewish people as a fairly cohesive unit. While I think we certainly have our divisions, I do feel as if there is a general feeling of Achdus among Jews, perhaps moreso among frum Jews. Jews are more than willing to open their houses and refrigerators to people of whom they have no previous association. I'm sure there are many theories as to why this is, but I think one reason this is so is because we have been through so many negative historical events together; all of them simply because we were Jewish. The pogroms; the Holocaust;, etc. When a group of people, regardless of how large or small, goes through a negative experience together, I think it's only natural that there is a forced bond that develops.

On a seemingly unrelated note, there was tremendous Achdus in Baltimore this past week leading up to the Colts/Ravens game. I was off Friday, and driving around town I couldn't help but see a sea of purple whereever I was. Businesses which normally require formal attire relaxed their standards to allow Ravens gear. Children too young to know what they are wearing; all decked out in purple. For one week, in one of America's most "dangerous" cities, there seemed to be a common thread - football. Similar to the above case of the Jews, I believe this is due to one specific negative historical event that Baltimoreans were affected by some 23 years ago - the departure of their football team. I'm sure I don't need to tell anyone about what happened, but this is something that true Baltimore natives are still bitter about. I think that bitterness which is still inside of football fans in Baltimore lead to the Achdus which was seen around town last week, specifically because we were playing the team which was once ours.

May both Jews and Baltimore sports fan share in only simchas.


Anonymous G said...

Bitter Ravens Fan = Hypocrite.

Just one Cleveland Browns fans' opinion.

11:30 PM, January 15, 2007

Blogger AlanLaz said...

Explain to me how the two cases are comparable, and maybe I'll take you off of my "moron list". :)

11:34 PM, January 15, 2007

Anonymous Anonymous said...

NYfunnyman-i dont like the ravens

11:57 PM, January 15, 2007

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Go Red Sox!

11:08 AM, January 16, 2007

Anonymous G said...

Explain to me the difference between the Indianapolis Colts and the Baltimore Ravens and I may do the same.

12:45 PM, January 16, 2007

Blogger AlanLaz said...

I believe the burden of proof is upon you...

12:50 PM, January 16, 2007


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