Thursday, December 14, 2006

Very Gassy This Evening

Greg and Soccerdad have posts regarding where to find the cheapest gas in Baltimore. I, too, am like them and am constantly on the quest to find the cheapest gas in town. It seems to be a common topic of discussion, and people (including myself) often brag about having found cheaper gas than their buddy. It got me to thinking: how much am I really saving? Perhaps it's just a principle thing, but after doing the math, this whole gas hock may be overrated.

I commute 95 miles round trip, 5 days a week (forget about the rest of the driving I do) and therefore use a lot of gas, so my calculations will be an extreme example of savings. Also, let's forget about the very real consideration of having to drive further to get cheaper gas. People will often drive miles to get cheaper gas, when they may be saving mere pennies. Anyway, let's do the math. Let's say I know a real gem of a gas station that is consistently is 5 cents cheaper. I fill up on average about 7 times a month, about 15 gallons each time. (15 x .05 x 7). That would come to a monthly savings of $5.25. Do any of you smoke? Buy one less pack a month and there's your $5.25. It's a yearly savings (for someone that drives a ridiculous amount) of $63.

There's no question that every penny counts, but it's interesting that gas prices are such a big hock for that amount of money, when people throw around money for other frivolous things. If I bought 1 or 2 less bottles of scotch a year, there's my $63. Anyway, just food for thought.


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