Monday, December 18, 2006

Score a Touchdown! Make a Kiddush Hashem!

An Orthodox Jew named Abe Sutton is one of the finalists in the National Football League's "Pitch Us Your Idea ForThe Best NFL Super Bowl Commercial Ever...Seriously" contest. So I encourage everyone to vote. Next stop: Super Bowl. Takes 5 seconds of your time, literally. Forward to everyone you know! Lets make this a great Kiddush Hashem!

Vote early and often. Let's show the world how much we care about our brethren!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This would be such a great Kiddush Hashem. Everyone please vote.

1:25 PM, December 18, 2006

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let's Send him. This is the coolest thing I have ever heard of. I wish this was me.

3:07 PM, December 18, 2006

Anonymous G said...

Kiddush Hashem? A super Bowl commercial...Really!?

Here's an for whichever one you think is the most deserving.

3:08 PM, December 18, 2006

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I happen to like some of the other ideas better than his. In fact, I do not understand his idea.

3:32 PM, December 18, 2006

Blogger Danny the Manny said...


We know for a fact that Abe is a religious Jew. That means that he shares the same values and beliefs that you hold dear to your heart. You take a great risk by voting for the other candidates, as they may take the opportunity to use this press and publicity to speak negatively of Jews. I think that we must take this opportunity to allow Abe to represent us on the largest of stages, where we can be secure in knowing that he won't turn it into a spectacle that would leave Jews feeling alienated by the American community. If you feel that voting for someone else will better benefit American Jews, then go ahead of vote for them. But my vote is with Abe because I stand by him on and off the field.

3:47 PM, December 18, 2006

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Abe Sutton doesn't just represent himself or his family. Abe Sutton represents mamesh all of Klal Yisrael. Mistama, this isn't going to affect things tremendously. But nonetheless, it's incumbent upon all of us as Jews to help him achieve this tremendous honor. I don't think "coincidence" is in HaKadosh Baruch Hu's dictionary: everything is part of His plan. That said, I don't think it's a coincidence that this is going on during Chanukah, where the primary mitzvah is pirsum hanes. Here we have the opportunity to be mefarsem the nes that is the triumph of the Jewish people. Let's show the goyim how strong we are as a nation. Kol Yisroel arevim zeh bazeh!

4:57 PM, December 18, 2006

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Was that sarcastic, or are you guys just wacked? How the heck is that a kiddush Hashem? There is no value in a Super Bowl commercial. How does that bring about a good name to the Jewish people?

FYI, half of Hollywood was started by Jews, so whats new here?

2:14 PM, December 19, 2006

Blogger AlanLaz said...

Yes, sarcastic.

3:55 PM, December 19, 2006

Anonymous Gavriel the angel said...

Although it is sarcastic, you wouldn't believe how close it sounds like some of the stuff people write on Jewish blogs. Perhaps this is a time for a cheshbon hanefesh about your priorities, beliefs and opinions.

4:06 PM, December 19, 2006

Blogger AlanLaz said...

It's time for a cheshbon hanefesh about your priorities, beliefs and opinions - for those who would actually believe that it's a Kiddush Hashem to do this. It's a joke - chill out. Worry about yourself.

4:22 PM, December 19, 2006


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