Friday, September 29, 2006

Parshas Haazinu

From R' Frand:

The verse from which we derive the mitzvah to write a Sefer Torah [Devorim 31:19] says "And now write for yourselves this song...". We see the Torah refers to itself as a "Song" (Shirah). Why is Torah called Shirah?

Rav Herzog once gave the following explanation: With virtually all fields of study in the world, one uninitiated in that discipline gets no pleasure from hearing a theory or an insight concerning that field of study. For example - physics. If one tells over to a physicist a "chiddush" in his field of expertise, he will get great pleasure from it. If, however, one shares this same insight with someone who has never studied and never been interested in physics, he will be totally unmoved by it. The same applies to many, many other disciplines.

However, this is not the case with music. When Beethoven's Fifth Symphonyis played, regardless of whether one is a concert master or a simple person, there is something one will get out of it. The overwhelming majority of people admit to getting something out of a professional symphony. Music issomething that everyone on their own level can enjoy and have a relationship to.

This is precisely the reason that Torah is referred to as a song, as a Shirah. Torah, like a Beethoven symphony, is something that everyone can appreciate. Just as it doesn't matter whether one is a musical expert and can appreciate the absolute genius of the work, or whether one is a simpleton and may not be able to say anything else besides "I like that", there's a place in Torah for everything. Whether one is in kollel and learns 10 hours a day, or is an accountant and pulling 60 hours a week, there's a niche out there for everyone. The accountant that works 60 hours may get just as much reward as the guy in kollel that learns for a living.

In the upcoming year we should all, hopefully, find our niche in the Torah world.


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