Monday, September 11, 2006


I had not originally planned on a 9/11 post, but due to the overwhelming number of 9/11 post on the J-blogosphere, I didn’t want to miss the party. Anyway, I have no crazy stories about what happened to me on 9/11. I wasn’t in NY, as best evidenced by the fact that I can count on two hands how many times I’ve been in the state. I recall that it was my freshman year of college at UMD, and it was a Tuesday morning. As luck would have it, I had Tuesdays off, and I would frequently come home Monday evening and return to school on Wednesday morning. I completely slept through most of the days events. I arose at about 11am to the sound of my mom screaming on the voicemail to stay inside and not go anywhere, because “bad things are happening in the world.”

So, 5 years later. Now what? During the aftermath of 9/11, I heard many Jews say that American’s would now understand what Israel goes through on a weekly basis. While I think that the government and those affected now sympathize with what Israel goes through, I do not believe that this message has reached the general American public.

NEWSFLASH: these people, the terrorists, they would slit your throat if they had the chance. Not only Jews, but Christians as well. Slit your throat. Dead. Heck, if they really wanted to make a spectacle out of you, they’d cut off your head and send the video to all of the American news agencies. Why should you care? Not because you should sympathize with what another democratic country faces regularly, but rather, because they would terrorize you and your family if given the opportunity.

They don’t burn American flags, or cheer in the streets of Gaza/East Jerusalem on 9/11 (see below) for show. Sure, they’re anti-Israel and anti the “Zionist enemy.” But according to them, America harbors the Zionist enemy. And guess what; you’re American. In their mind, you harbor their “Zionist enemy.”

I, in no way, want to make it sound as if us American’s should/do live with the constant fear of our bus blowing up, like Israelis often do. However, these animals have shown what they’re capable and willing to do to you, Mr. Regular Joe Schmoe American. We should all reflect upon those lost and affected by the attacks of 9/11, and do what we can to support those who in the business of ridding the world of these people; the true enemy.


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