Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Israel Day 8

Before all, I recommend everyone check out Mentalblog, who has pictures of funerals of IDF soldiers who have recently fallen defending Israel. Some may consider it morbid, but honestly, it put me in the proper mood for Tisha B'Av.

Anyway, we took Penina's advice yesterday and went to the Biblical Zoo. While it was very nice and I even found an animal that looks like my wife when she is mad at me (see below), there wasn't anything biblical about it. On each of the cards explaining the animals was a biblical verse, however, it wasn't a verse about that animal particularly, and the verses it had in English and the ones in Hebrew were often different. Anyway, there were some cool animals, and the monkeys are always my favorite. As a side note, I found it nice that the zoo was offering a discount to those who live up north and have been forced further south.

After we cooled off we ate dinner at Village on the Green, a vegetarian restaurant, which was surprisingly good. I highly recommend the lemon-based vinagrette salad dressing. We had then planned to head to the Israel museum, but opted to do a little shopping instead - the major purchase was a new hooka. I asked the first guy how much it cost, and he said 200 shekels. Upon walking away, he told me he'd give it to me for 160. I walked away again, found an 18 year old kid in the back, asked him how much it was, and was told 120 by him. I bought it on the spot.

With Tisha B'av coming up, I'll probably limit the posting, but we will be back up after the fast. I hope everyone has an easy, yet meaningful one.

A plaque remebering those killed in the 2001 bombing at Sbarros - notice 5 members of one family died

The calm before the storm, followed by the storm itself.


Anonymous Bramo Sr. said...

that storm is really rather lovely, really. sure looks like peggy's having fun at least

have you hit the marzipan hard yet? maybe bring some home for kiddush club? oh yeah and then invite over guys stuck in baltimore with no friends whose fathers like cheap scotch brothers just left for the hoily land....

11:36 PM, August 03, 2006

Blogger AlanLaz said...


You're welcome at KC the week I get back.


2:26 AM, August 04, 2006


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