Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Israel Day 15

Today was a fairly light day. After a late start, we went to town to do some skirt shopping for the wife. I've totally gotten over the whole "scared to go into a store selling only women's clothing" thing. It doesn't even bother me anymore, and I just run around the store picking out stuff for PegLaz to try on. After buying an ice coffee, falafel, and another ice coffee, we headed home to cool off for a bit. We ran out soon thereafter towards Meah Shearim, where I learned with J. Radbill for a couple hours in the Mir, and the wife headed to do some more, you guessed it, shopping.

We went right back to town after learning/shopping to have dinner with PegLaz's best friend from her BY class, and her husband, a Bostoner chasid. Admittedly, I was a bit worried that him and I wouldn't have much to talk about. However, we actually got along great and had plenty to talk about (read: scotch). It was quite a pleasant dinner at this fairly new Chinese place, and I was glad Peggy got to reminisce about her school years with one of her best friends. We didn't finish dinner until after 10, when we headed home to spend some time with the sister-in-law and fiance.

Thanks for leaving funny comments. Last day tomorrow - we are really sad to be leaving.


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