Sunday, August 06, 2006

Israel Day 13

We told ourselves that our last couple of days here would be spent doing fun, new things. But, I wasn't surprised when we ended up spending our day in Meah Shearim and in town. We spent a good amount of time in Mea Shearim picking up gifts for others and checking out a few sheitel places. Spending time in sheitel places consists of my wife trying on sheitels and myself sitting in the stairwell staring at a sign that says "Shytels" - see picture. Also picked up a pair of tzitzis, stencils for my mother, and the obligatory falafel.

Dinner was in town at New Deli, which is basically Burger's Bar with deli instead of burgers. Picked up some more gifts for people, yada yada, walked around.

Funny comment: when watching movies on Israeli TV, anytime there is cursing in English, the words "L'Azazel" appear on the screen. Only in Israel.

Tel Aviv tomorrow!


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