Saturday, July 29, 2006

Israel Day 4/5

Day 4, Friday, was a pretty light day, as we were to be traveling to an area just outside of Tel Aviv and B'nei Brak later in the day for Shabbat. We bummed around town in Jerusalem, finally settling on a nice Italian restaurant called Luigi's for lunch where we got awesome soup in a bread bowl. Next to our table was this thing (see picture) that could be filled up with liquid and dropped it down to shot glasses waiting below. If anyone knows officially what these things are called, let me know, as they are a must have for Kiddush club. We headed back to our apartment, packed, and got ready to go to our Shabbat destination - Givat Shmuel.

For Shabbat we stayed with a couple of friends from back home who were married about a year ago and made aliyah immediately. It was great to spend time with them and catch up. They live 5 minutes away from Bar Ilan University, which is actually where we davened. The shul at BIU was really big with great AC and a youngish, normal crowd - not something you'd expect across the street from B'nei Brak. Anyway, for Shabbos it was just us, them, and PegLaz's sister and fiance. We had all of our meals together and just joked around, sang zmiros, etc etc. The highlight of the meal was when one of our host's friends (a Brit) showed up with a bottle of Balvenie Doublewood 12 - one of my favorities. Funny how that no matter where I go, the scotch follows. I hocked scotch with the guy for a little while, and he invited us over for Kiddush Shabbos morning. Since he was from Britan I knew he would have bottles not available for retail purchase in America - and I was not let down. At Kiddush I was able to taste Macallan 12 - Elegancia, Glenfiddich 12 Caoran Reserve and Glenmorangie 15 Sauternes Wood Finish - also things I did not expect to experience across the street from B'nei Brak.

Anyway, after Shabbos we shmoozed for a little bit, waited for the future brother in law to get out of the house he was staying in (he was locked in), and took a shady sheirut back to Jerusalem. We then took the obligatory stroll to Ben Yehuda to see PegLaz's sister who is here on Mach Hach. All in all a great couple of days - more tomorrow!

Oh yeah - the whole not shaving thing is really starting to get on my nerves...


Anonymous Z and A said...

We are honored to have made the Laz blog. We also had a wonderful shabbat with you guys, catching up and just having fun.
Its so wonderful you guys are here in Israel.
I really enjoyed reading your blog. Youve inspired me

12:19 PM, July 30, 2006


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