Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Israel Day 2

Day 2 was a fairly uneventful day, which began with my oversleeping (hence the davening on the porch here). After hitting the shuk, which is literally 3 minutes away, for some essentials, we returned to our doromroomesque apartment to straighten up. We returned to the shuk for lunch, and then made our first trip to the old city.

I always try to approach going to the kotel with very low expectations. Some people go in expecting it to be a life-changing experience and if it fails to live up to these expectations, they may leave the kotel with a bad impression. So, I went in with low expectations, and my first visit (of this trip) to the kotel was about a 5/10 on the spirituality scale. The highlight of the kotel was getting a blessing from a 101 year old man, who was still in great shape. I told him he only had 19 more years to live and he wasn't too pleased about that.

Anyway, after moseying around the old city and Ben Yehuda we were crazy hot and came back to the apartment to cool off. We met up with an old roommate of mine for dinner at Cafe Rimon, and hung out the rest of the evening here in our apartment with the sister-in-law and future bro-in-law, and my old roommate.

As for the feeling in the air; again, you wouldn't know there's a war a couple hours north, at all. I find myself wanting to check FoxNews at every chance, because I literally forget there is anything going on up north. Anyway, that's all for now - leave comments! Oh, and I was joking about telling the 101 year old man he only had 19 years left to live.


Anonymous Elise said...

I really enjoy reading your entries from Israel!

6:19 PM, July 26, 2006

Blogger Danny the Manny said...

Who's the arab you had dinner with? Weren't you scared? I heard they have bombs. Don't you know what's going on in Israel?

7:42 PM, July 26, 2006

Blogger carlazerow said...

Concentrate and really focus, and I bet you can jack that 5 up to a 9 or 10/10. your mommy says, "Don't get so comfortable with the lack of news that you decide to travel anywhere but SOUTH." Your daddy says, "Stay put in Jerusalem." Your little sister says, "Can I come, I'll be your driver?" Stay safe. Love, Mom and Dad

10:09 PM, July 26, 2006


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