Monday, March 13, 2006

Los Cabos - Come on!

OK, I’ve gotta say it. Sorry to any of my College Park friends that this may offend or cause significant amounts of cognitive dissonance to develop.

Going to a bar is a ridiculous way of spending your Purim night. Horrible.

I often use the word “ridiculous” as a good thing, as in, “that was a ridiculous movie.” However, in this instance, there’s not an ounce of positive. Do you know that the Arizal said “Yom haKipurrim K’Purim?” – that Yom Kippur is like Purim? We’re not asking you to take this day as seriously as Yom Kippur, but a drunken bar fest? You can do better than that. Get drunk, please. But do it with Rabbi Backman at Chabad, not with the trashy, drunk, coeds at Los Cabos.

Do you know that in the times of Moshiach, Purim is going to be the only holiday still left? No more Pesach, Sukkot, etc. Just Purim. Does that not tell you the level that Purim is on?

I’m all for getting drunk. Hell, I used to frequent the bars myself. But wait an extra day. Spend Purim the way it is meant…drinking alcohol and taking it to a higher level; not drinking alcohol and dancing at Los Cabos. Ahh jeez. Unbelievable. Maybe I've become too frum since getting married and living in Jewland, but jeez, that just sounds like a bad way to spend Purim.


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