Thursday, February 09, 2006

College Experiences Pt. II

Disclaimer again: While I am not ashamed of what I have done in the past, as I would like to think I learn from my experiences, these stories do not necessarily represent the person that I am today.

Three more of my fondest, and not so fondest memories of college:
  • Getting held up at gunpoint - That's right, no way to sugar coat this one. I'm not sure how many people can say they've been held up with a gun to their head before, so, after the initial shock of it all, I wear it as a "feather in the cap" of sorts. Essentially, it was the night before my geography final (about 10:00pm), and I was about to go to the library to pull an all nighter before the exam. Before doing so, I stopped off and had a couple of beers at a friend's apartment...nothing major, just two beers or so. As I am walking from my friend's apartment to the library, I pass a well-traveled spot on campus, but at this time, it seemed fairly empty. I must not have been paying attention to the two shady guys standing suspiciously, because, before I knew it, there was a gun to my head and a demand for my wallet and cell phone. At this point, I knew two things: 1. They weren't getting my cell phone (I live and die with it...almost literally) 2. They weren't getting my wallet (pain to cancel credit cards, get new license, get new fake ID, etc.) Clearly the alcohol help bring upon these defiant attitudues, but nonetheless, they weren't getting these things from me. So, first I say I have no cell phone (it is sitting in my pocket, morons) and I quickly remove all of the cash from my wallet ($6) and give it to them before they can take my wallet - and before I knew it, it was over. I called the police, ended up staying in the police station all night, failing my final the next day (teacher lied to me and told me that because of the circumstances if my grade on the final deviated greatly from my previous scores he would do something), got a C in the class, and hurt my GPA. Maybe the two beers blunted the effect, but I thought the experience would be far more traumatic then it actually was. I was more pissed that I got a C in geography because of it.
  • My 21st Birthday - Well, this was a real event. There is an obligation to have 21 shots/drinks on one's birthday, and considering I was turning 21, this obligation was upon me. Now, if I were to take 21 shots in one evening, I would die (that's a bad thing). So, I spaced it out over the 24-hour period, that was my 21st b-day. We started the night before with a couple shots before we went to sleep. Then, after 8am minyan, at about 8:40 my roommates and I came back to our apartment and had a couple more shots (this is by far the earliest I have ever consumed an alcoholic beverage). By this point I've had about 6, so there are still about 15 to account for. I think I went to a couple classes, came back to the apartment, and started drinking with a couple of people. Only problem was that I was on a flag football team and our playoff game just happened to fall that evening. So, at about 9:00, after having 5 shots just previously, we played flag football. Nearly my entire team was intoxicated, and needless to say,we lost. Actually, I scored a touchdown on the first play of the game, but wasn't much of a factor after that, considering I couldn't see. The rest of the evening was the standard go-to-a-bar-and-drink-your-face-off routine, and there was a little incident with Lupo's phone, but we won't go into that now (Email for more details). The next day, usually a recovery day, was not so for me. There was a class that I HAD to attend at 9am. It was just for a short little writing assignment, but I had to be there to get the points; my grade was right on the border between an A and a B. As I recall, the writing assignment was graded out of 2, with half point increments. Most people got 1.5's, but yours had to be one of the best to get a 2. So, I trek to class the next morning LEGITIMATELY intoxicated. Not just "hung over dizzy", but DRUNK. was the only time all semester I got a 2 on the writing assignment (got an A in the class because of it). Finally, my drunkenness wore off around 5pm, and for the next 3 days, I was hungover. All in all, a pretty successful 21st birthday.
  • The pool table incident - 2nd semester freshmen year, my buddy Jake and I decide we're gonna go check out some of the fraternities, and possibly join (I didn't, he did). So we knew a couple guys in ZBT, a jewish fraternity, and we go down there, for what I think was the MD vs. NC State game when we clinched the ACC title in Ralph Friedgen's first season. They were doing a power-hour during the game, and we kept going after 60 minutes had finished, for a total of 93 minutes. This was the longest I had ever gone, and I was a bit inebriated. After using the bathroom, I find that my seat was taken. I saw no other seats available, so the plan was to to sit down on the ledge of the pool table. I approached the pool table and did one of those running jumps to sit on the table and then CRAAAAAASH - the legs on the pool table crashed. I was mortified, stupified, etc. I felt like the twerpy kid from Road Trip did when they went to the black fraternity and as a joke they planted KKK garb in his luggage - I thought I was a dead man. For some reason, I escaped unscathed - they said it was on the way out anyway. I was truly more scared right after I broke that pool table than when I had a gun to my head. All is well that ends well.


Anonymous KDOGG said...

Learn the value of a good piece of herring to better your experiences. See you this shabbos, big A

10:30 AM, February 09, 2006

Anonymous peninah said...

*puts feather in the proverbial hat* I was held up at gunpoint as well. I was in 4th grade. I was with my father and my sister and we were walking out of the dentist's office. Boy, did I get attention in school after that one.

12:32 PM, February 09, 2006

Blogger Lanie said...

Wow, you guys should start a club. Speaking of proverbial feathers in hats reminds me of being in elementary school and really, really wanting to break a leg or an arm or something so I could have a cast and it would be cool. Sorry to deflect from the topic-at-hand. (For the record, G-d, I take it back.)

2:38 PM, February 09, 2006

Anonymous Anonymous said...

It was the georgie tech game where Novak got his reputation for hitting big field goals. Do you remember chillin in Kandel's room after?

3:20 PM, February 09, 2006

Blogger Opinions said...

Guess I get to be in the club as well. I was held up in Baskin & Robbins in Houston growing up. I was about 9 or 10. My friend (who now lives in Baltimore on Taney in the Malibu style house) and I biked over to B&R. While sitting there eating our ice cream a masked man came in a robbed the store at gunpoint. I guess I wasn’t technically robbed s he didn’t take any money from me, but it should still count. We started whispering to each other and he told us to “shut up”.

1:40 PM, February 10, 2006


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