Saturday, January 21, 2006

Stories from Shul

So normally I daven at a minyan which takes a 45-minute break before mussaf to have a learning seder. Now that I am a working man I appreciate this learning time much more than before. But, this week, a scholar in residence was speaking, so I chose not to go (supposedly he was fabulous...oh well). Anyway, a kiddush club buddy of mine and I went to the 7:00 hashkama minyan. This isn't the frummest shul in the world, but I would certainly consider it right-wingish modern orthodox. The shul has their minhagim, and any deviation from them is frowned upon. So, someone that I am close with (overly frum) was asked to daven mussaf, and he accepted. However, 15 seconds before he was to begin mussaf, he comes over to my buddy and I and says that his back is bothering him and he cannot do it. He puts us both on the spot, essentially forcing one of us to do it. Now, my stomach was in no condition to be davening for myself, let alone lead the prayer services. I put it on my buddy and he reluctantly agreed.

At this point, it should be noted that I very rarely wear a suit on Shabbos. It just isn't my thing. This was a modern-type shul, so we didn't look rediculously out of place...but, nevertheless we weren't wearing jackets. The minhag of the shul is that as Sheliach Tzibbur, one is required to wear a jacket. This was set in stone a couple of months ago after I was asked to daven shacharis at my regular minyan (more frum than the hashkama). I did so without a folly, however, there were those at the minyan that was upset that I was not wearing a jacket. The gabbai then spoke to the Rav who said that it would be best if the Shatz wore a jacket. So, there was a hock.

The best part, however, has yet to come. As my friend approaches the bimah to lead the service, one schmendrik (who ows a local pizza shop) says to his buddy, too loudly, "I hope this guy knows how to read Hebrew", to which my friend replied "I hope you know how to make pizzas". Classic.


Blogger Jewboy said...

Shmendrik is a nice way to describe this guy's actions. When will these idiots stop judging people based on their clothing?

10:19 PM, January 21, 2006

Blogger AlanLaz said...

Agreed. Will blog about that tomorrow.

10:21 PM, January 21, 2006

Anonymous Greg said...

Ironically, the pizza guy is one of the only fellows who gets a dispensation to daven from the amud without a jacket. Weird.

If you like, you can mention me by name, if I happen to come into one of your stories again.

5:43 AM, January 22, 2006

Blogger alan's mom said...

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10:40 AM, January 24, 2006

Anonymous Anonymous said...

to much details

10:41 AM, January 24, 2006

Anonymous Anonymous said...

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10:53 AM, January 31, 2006

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I have davened from the amud there without a jacket recently... maybe they allow it on weekdays, still?

10:54 AM, January 31, 2006

Blogger AlanLaz said...


Thanks for reading. It seems they are more lenient during the week. Because they have so many minyanim, there's no way every minyan has a gabbi that knows/cares about the rules. I've davened many times at the 8:50am minyan without a jacket...but, if you do it on Shabbos there will be a hock.

2:12 PM, January 31, 2006


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